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SFM newsletter, November 2019
This month we’ll be taking a look at; the advantages of redomiciling to the UAE; the decision to see crypto-assets treated as property by the E&W judicial authority; the ever growing benefits of Belize as a base for business and finally the EU’s plans to collect all credit and debit card transaction information with a powerful new Electronic Central System.
Looking to Redomicile? The UAE is Back on The EU’s Whitelist
With the EU removing UAE from the ‘blacklist’ of low tax jurisdictions, the UAE is again back in the hot seat as a major prospect for businesses looking to redomicile. To celebrate we’ll be offering zero RAK ICC government fees until next year, as well as looking in depth at how the UAE has met the demands of the EU.

Crypto-Assets to be Treated
as Property Under UK Law
A legal statement by the UKJT (UK Jurisdiction Taskforce) on Crypto-Assets states the legal status is now seen as property under English law. The decision by Lord Justice Geoffrey Vos was based on a six-month investigation conducted by UKJT who asserted that “crypto-assets have all the indicia of property”.

Belize Booming
After Massive Boost
We’ll be talking tourism, tax and declining unemployment as we investigate just what it was Belize achieved in 2018 to see them heading toward exponential economic growth.
Transaction Transparency
The EU’s plans to collect credit and debit card transactions from across the block has been provisionally approved by all member states. Plans are for a Central Electronic System that will collect and record transactions all transactions, making them available to anti-fraud agencies from all 28 member states.
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